Classes led by Dariusz Zalewski
The course is based on the "System of Self-Defense

Training School Coach Dariusz Zalewski ':
- Theme I: Training efficiency and strokes.
Pads, revolutions and overthrow are made directly

on the substrate on which the trains without injury.

The real fight is the real ground without mats.
- Theme II: Techniques foot.
Impact foot is used for knocking out the

opponent and joint damage, kick-stepping.

Most kicks below the belt require less time,

energy and stretch can therefore train people of all ages

without the "strength" stretching.
- Theme III: Techniques Manual.
The main rule is to hit a soft surface (eg. Open hand)

in the hard parts of the body, a hard surface

(fist, elbow) in the soft parts of the body.

Impact "short" I use to shock and knocking out

the opponent, and the "extended" to overthrow

and precipitate an opponent off balance. Who at different angles.
- Theme IV: dodge, deprivation of balance.
I use to allow the enemy to continue attacking

along the intended trajectory of the simultaneous

acquisition of its strength. The hands are kept close

to the body so as not to create so-called. "Empty" space

and be able to control the assailant. Undercuts I use the

"going" in the move of the opponent.
- Theme V: Weapons.
Defense against knife attacks, taking over small arms

attack, exercises with a short stick called tambo both attack

and defense.
- Theme VI: Group exercises.
Aiming to predict the aggressive behavior of the

attackers. Entering into a group using the techniques

of playing with an open hand techniques and taking

blows to the body with the exhalation and muscle tone

(light contact while hitting).

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