PHOTO-  training karate in Vien Karate Shotokan Club
with master Robert Glavas 3 dan karate shotokan
( sensei Dariusz Zalewski first frm the right on knee )

My name is Dariusz Zalewski. 
I am a karate instructor 
and self-defense instructor.

I have been training karate 
for 32 years,
In 2000  I recieved  a 1 Dan degree
 in karate shotokan
 I have been instructor of martial 
arts trainings -  since 1996.
I was the president of the Podlasie
 Traditional Karate Club in 2000-2002.
In 2000 and 2001, I organized 
the championship of Podlasie Province 
in karate children 
with a total 
of over 200 competitors from 
Warsaw, Suwałki, Vilnius, 
Grodno and Białystok.
My best pupil in karate -
Przemek Plewa from karate club in Public Gimnazjum nr 18
received 10 th place 
10 th in kata competition during  Karate Championships
 in Wloclawek (Poland)
I ran karate sections 
of students at the University
 of Bialystok and karate section 
at the Higher 
School of Economics in Bialystok.
 I trained Security employees
 in Schools of Protection 
O, Chikara and Cobra.
I trained in the field 
of self-defense of police officers ..
I have been conducting tae 
classes for ten years because 
of aerobics and self-defense 
courses of women in Bialystok.

I invite people interested in 
sports fighting for trainings in Bialystok  :
Course graphics below:
- House of Culture "Zachęta" in Bialystok
on Wednesdays 18.30-19.30 
tae because aerobic

- House of Cultures in Szudziałowo
 on Thursdays at 17.30-18.30 karate
 children, from 18.30-19.30 tae bo

I invite interested parties over
 the age of 18 to self-defense 
instructor courses

In summer, in 2019, it is planned
 to organize a sports and 
recreational camp with English lessons
 in Masuria.

I look for clubs to cooperate
 in karate and self defense trainings .
 I am open on every propositions 
of cooperation
regards !!!

Dariusz Zalewski karate & self defense instructor

OSS !!!

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